Listed here are Carbon Landscape relevant publications. Please contact Susan if you wish to know more about her isotope hydrology or isotope ecology publications.

Data publications

Long, H., Vihermaa, L., Waldron, S., Hoey,  T., Quemin, S. and Newton, J. (2015). CO2 efflux and hydraulic data for two Scottish and four Amazonian streams 2011-13. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. 10.5285/02d5cea7-10aa-4591-938a-a41e1c5bc207.

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Anthropogenic influence on natural systems

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Managing natural resources, and knowledge exchange

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Co-author on the Scottish Government Expert Scientific Panel Report on Unconventional Oil & Gas. Published Monday, July 28, 2014 ISBN: 9781784126834

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Carbon cycling in drainage systems

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Carbon flow in ecological and biological cycles

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Understanding the dynamics of terrestrial and gaseous C stores

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