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If you would like to know more about research related to the Microclimates project please take a look at the selection below.

Dr Alona Armstrong – Effects of hosting land-based renewables on terrestrial carbon cycling (Lancaster University)
Dr Armstrong is a faculty fellow in the Lancaster Environment Centre. As part of the Energy Lancaster group, her current research examines the effects of solar parks on the microclimate and elucidates the subsequent changes in carbon cycling. She is also examining the potential to double crop food and energy and is investigating the scope to optimise deployment of solar parks for ecosystem services. Find out more here.
Dr David Brayshaw -UK wind power extremes and predictability (University of Reading)
Dr Brayshaw is a lecturer in the Department of Meteorology and is part of the Energy Meteorology research group. One of his main research interests is understanding impacts of weather and climate on human and environmental systems, particularly power systems at regional, national and international scales. More information about David’s research can be found here.
Dr Ralph Burton – Atmospheric Modelling (National Centre for Atmospheric Science)Dr Ralph Burton is a research scientist at NCAS in Leeds. His main area of research is dynamical meteorology and he has applied his expertise in numerical modelling to investigate wind farm microclimate effects on air temperture and relative humidty (Micro-climates Work Package 0). His current research focuses on modelling volacanic ash and boundary layer dynamics at oil palm plantations in Malaysia.
Dr Victoria Smith -Instrumentation for atmospheric measurements (National Centre for Atmospheric Science)
Dr Victoria Smith is an instrument research scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), based at the University of Leeds. She was part of the team that instrumented Black Law Wind Farm, in order to measure changes in temperature and humidity within the within farm during operational and idle periods (Work Package 0). Find out more about Victoria here.
Dr Susan Lee -Atmospheric modelling (University of Birmingham)
Dr Susan Lee is a research fellow at the University of Birmingham. Her research interests are varied, and range from the micro- to the macro-scale effects of both weather and climate on buildings and vegetation. She is particularly interested in the environmental effects of climate change and how this effects the urban environment as well as the natural world. Susan contributed to the research conducted in Work Package 0. Find out more about Susan here.
 Scott Wylie  -CFD modelling of wind farms (ZephIR Lidar)
Scott Wylie is a wind engineer at ZephIR Lidar. Previously he was a project analyst at Sykamore Small Wind Ltd and a research associate at Loughborough University. His work at Loughborugh saw him using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to model the impacts of an operational wind farm on local climate, in an enviornmentally sensitive area (Work Package 2). Find out more about what Scott is doing now here.


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