Update on publications 2014

I am on a roll tonight and have also added four new publications for 2014:

1.Vihermaa et al, Biogeosciences. The key message is old C can be degassed from the Amazon.

2. Wadron et al, RCM. A smart way to quantify isotopic composition and concentration of DIC from the field-collected sample, but considering very seriously the real uncertainty in such measurements.

3. Lang’at et al, PLoS One. The key message is girdling of mangroves causes rapid subsidence in surface sediment elevation and so shoreline stabilization, coastal protection and carbon storage are affected.

4. The Scottish Government Expert Scientific Panel Report on Unconventional Oil & Gas, which I co-authored. A nice diagram of earthquake occurrence and magnitude in Scotland from the BGS.

All are open access, which is great – science accessible to all.


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