Harriett attends the IUCN Peatland Action: Learning from Success

In 2014, the IUCN Peatland Programme conference was in Inverness (20th-22nd October). The conference was attended by a range of peatland restoration project staff, landowners, land managers, governmental departments, agencies and non-governmental organisations, businesses and academics.
The focus of the conference was to discuss what progress is being made towards our peatlands goals, to talk about new business and environment partnerships, learn from examples of restoration, find out what new information we have on peatland ecosystem services and to look forward and plan new initiatives for preserving and improving peatlands.
Harriett presented a poster at an interactive session, giving an overview of the Microclimates work and how it helps us to better understand peatlands and the potential effects of operational wind farms on them. This helped to open up discussions of how wind farm peatlands need to be monitored and what restoration techniques might be needed.

Harriett Richardson Poster IUCN


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